Delta 8 & Delta 9 THC Gummies
Frequently Asked Questions

All of our gummies are made with a fruit pectin as opposed to a gelatin.

Our gummy’s are made in a small batch in order to maintain consistency of potency, flavor and quality.

Yes! By taking a portion of the gummy it will help you relax and sleep without any side effects the following morning.

They are a calming, relaxing with a tasty flavor.

No! Our gummy’s are made with fruit pectin which allow them to be shipped without melting and are great for traveling, hiking and can be taken anywhere for your benefit.

Yes! We have a 50 mg and 25 mg in a variety of flavors.

No! When using any THC products. You should not operate any vehicle or heavy equipment.

We have 10 Gummies per jar that can be cut into quarters to determine each individuals dosage.

Yes! Our gummy’s are lab tested with a third-party lab which you can find a copy of on our website.

No! Our gummy’s are made to have a very good candy flavor and do not stick to your teeth. You will find a big burst of flavor up front and the THC will be a minimal on the back side which makes them easy to digest and enjoy each and every time.

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