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Experience the perfect balance of relaxation and clarity with our Delta-8 /9 Gummies. Infused with premium Delta-8 THC and the Texas State Legal dose of D-9 in our delicious gummies offer a mellow and uplifting effect that will leave you feeling calm and focused. Discover a new way to unwind and elevate your mood with every bite. Enjoy the goodness of Delta-8 / 9 in a tasty and convenient form!

Note: Please take a small portion at a time to determine your dosage. Our product is very potent and must be taken seriously and portioned.


Lab Results

Wacky Watermelon (50mg)

Wacky Watermelon (25mg)

Slamming Strawberry (50mg)

Slamming Strawberry (25mg)

Silly Cinnamon (50mg)

Silly Cinnamon (25mg)

Pretty Pink Champagne (50mg)

Pretty Pink Champagne (25mg)

Pineapple Express (50mg)

Pineapple Express (25mg)

Peach Paradise (50mg)

Peach Paradise (25mg)

Outrageous Apple (50mg)

Outrageous Apple (25mg)

Orange Dreams (50mg)

Orange Dreams (25mg)

Krazy Key Lime Pie (50mg)

Krazy Key Lime Pie (25mg)

Groovy Grape (50mg)

Groovy Grape (25mg)

Berry Blue Razz (50mg)

Berry Blue Razz (25mg)

Additional information


25mg, 50mg


Berry Blue Raz, Groovy Grape, Krazy Key Lime Pie, Orange Dream, Outrageous Apple, Peach Paradise, Pineapple Express, Pretty Pink Champagne, Silly Cinnamon, Slammin Strawberry, Wacky Watermelon


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